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Incentive is best translated as incentive or incentive.
In “business German”, incentive stands for measures or benefits that are intended to increase the motivation of employees.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the sum of all experiences and feelings that a customer has with a company or brand. It encompasses all steps during the customer journey, i.e. from the first to the last point of contact.

What is the job of a salesperson?

First and foremost, selling a product or service.
But what does this look like in detail? As a salesperson, it is an advantage to be able to influence the target group.

Mercedes Benz x PRODATA

Mercedes Benz AG commissions PRODATA as full-service IT system house for its Germany-wide customer loyalty system.

Benefits of customer loyalty programs for your success – B2B and B2C

Customer retention is becoming increasingly important, as companies need to ensure that they can retain and grow their customer base. To differentiate themselves from the competition, more and more companies are implementing customer loyalty programs. These promise to retain customers, encourage them to buy, and reinforce loyalty to their own company.