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Methodically validated concepts for successful loyalty programs.

The emotional distance to the end consumer grows, your customer gradually establishes himself as a switch buyer and shows more willingness to make his purchase from the competition.
It therefore becomes all the more important for you to counteract these loyalty killers. It is essential to create loyalty and attachment to your company.

PRODATA helps you stand out among numerous competitors.
With an optimal loyalty system, you can achieve customer identification, generate brand loyalty and win your customers over permanently. Thus you bind the customer emotionally to your company and achieve a recommendation to friends and acquaintances. Thus, you benefit twice from a loyalty system: active customer retention and inevitable new customer acquisition.

Unlike a rewards program, the primary goal here is to build an emotional relationship with customers. Thus, a loyalty system is much more comprehensive and addresses the customer with various marketing tools in all phases of the customer life cycle. That is, from prospect to new and existing customer to inactive and former buyer, the customer is positively manipulated by receiving individual recognition.

In doing so, PRODATA accompanies you through all decision-making possibilities via the most diverse advantage and manipulation methods in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Customer satisfaction increases

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Gaining customer data

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What we offer

  • Consulting

    With our scientifically based methods and our best-practice know-how, we lead you unerringly to concepts that unfold their desired effect.

    We advise you competently and solution-oriented based on your individual market and starting position. We develop a suitable target image and the necessary steps to achieve your desired change in market and customer behaviour.

  • Conception

    The concrete conception includes the individual solution adapted to you and your market. For example, this decision template and concept design includes the modules benefit definition, goals of your company, onboarding, communication, legal, technology and processes, KPI values, operating processes and partnering. It also includes concrete answers to setup costs, operation and duration until GO Live.

  • Structure Operation Software & Systems

    With our micro service-based loyalty framework and over 600 individual loyalty functions, we can set up your customised customer loyalty process quickly and cost-effectively. The desired success can only be achieved if the IT follows the communication strategy exactly and implements it perfectly.

  • Programming

    Individuelle Programmierung von Datenbanken, Schnittstellen und Web oder APP Anwendungen.  Wir passen uns perfekt an Ihre IT Umgebung und Schnittstellen an um mit minimalen Aufwand für Sie die nahtlose Integration in Ihre Infrastruktur zu gewährleisten. Durchgehende Daten und IT Prozess bei maximaler Flexibilität gewährleisten, dass Ihre geplanten Marketing und Vertriebsprozesse perfekt umgesetzt werden.

  • Premium and benefit management

    With Prodata, the customer experiences precisely fitting and motivating worlds of benefits, e.g. goods, services, further advantages and benefits in your branded benefits shop. Their satisfaction is guaranteed by high availability, fast delivery times at the best price and an all-round happy service.

  • Marketing & Communication

    PRODATA offers you full-service campaign management. We are your professional partner from the planning and creation to the dispatch of your communication measures. At the beginning, we create a concept together and plan the individual campaign steps. We take over the planning, design and optimisation of all your marketing and communication measures – cross-media across all communication channels.

  • Support

    Whether it is the end customer himself or the employee of the respective project: we look after your project holistically and, if desired, independently. Your project manager and the service teams are at your disposal for all questions and requests, as well as for further development, communication and partner support. For the advantage worlds, you have your own experts at your disposal, who optimise the offer and the purchase together with you.

  • Project management

    Bei uns erhalten Sie einen festen Projektmanager, der Ihnen über die gesamte Dauer des Projekts kompetent zur Seite steht und mit Ihnen an der Verwirklichung Ihrer Ziele arbeitet. Ganz egal, für welche Lösung oder für welches Programm Sie sich entscheiden, wir haben den passenden Ansprechpartner für Sie!

Special features of PRODATA loyalty systems

The technical framework is flexible and modular, so your program can be perfectly customized, extended and built according to your needs. We work with you to define your leading loyalty program, tailored on the front and back end to you, your customer and for maximum impact. Whether interfaces, the connection of third-party software, hundreds of function modules or different language options – you have the choice of implementation, whether web, app, wallet, customer card or hybrid approaches.

Content, benefits, promotions and communication are played out in a way that is precisely tailored and dynamic to the customer profile. In this way, you achieve maximum impact and motivation with each customer, as they are picked up exactly where they are. Thanks to trigger-based engine solutions, for example, you can control all advertising and promotions easily and simply, as well as cross-media. This allows customer communication, marketing and action campaigns to be automatically managed at a personalized customer level. As a full service agency, we are happy to provide you with all services, hotlines and complete customer service. Likewise, texts, graphics and advertising campaigns can be developed and implemented for you.

Maximum motivation for your customers! Reward your customers for their buying behavior with the right smart earn rules. In various bonus campaigns, with sub-target groups, by location, on a specific date, by customer level or couponing or vouchers – you determine the reward and impact mechanisms completely individually! The processes can be controlled and monitored fully automatically thanks to our engine. An unlimited number of rules and levels down to the individual customer level can be represented.

For optimal impact with your customer, we present rewards, services and benefits on all channels, websites, apps and in emails in a rule-based, automatic, attractive and personalized way at the customer level. State-of-the-art reward stores and e-commerce systems manage over 50,000 rewards, hundreds of vouchers, 300 suppliers, and much more. In addition, your own services, benefits and rewards can be controlled arbitrarily and dynamically according to status class, point level or other parameters. Each customer thus sees exactly what motivates them to work more closely and more with you.

As a full-service agency, we will take over your benefits and rewards management completely, right through to payment management. You don’t have to worry about customer support either, we provide complete service from one source!

We can create your flexible and modular loyalty framework from over 800 different system modules. This means that they are always future-proof, scalable and open for flexible extensions and adaptation of technology and interfaces as well as third-party software connections.

All interfaces are possible – your new platform can be easily connected to your existing IT thanks to variable interfaces. Whether common API, SAP connection, Salesforce, Siebel or single sign-on, our IT experts will find a way! The system adapts to your infrastructure, so there is minimal implementation effort for you.

Take advantage of customer insights! With the help of our sophisticated loyalty programs and the CRM they contain, you can permanently view and change current customer data and create individual reports that you can use to segment your customers or to address sub-target groups in a tailored manner. Not only can you save money on your marketing activities, you can also manage your sales activities in a more targeted way.

Thanks to the support of all common interfaces and systems (SAP, ERP, CRM and many more) and the possibility of SSO, the integration of purchase data, customer profiles and interfaces becomes child’s play. We adapt to your infrastructure. Your customers’ sensitive data is not only worth its weight in gold, but also secure!

Motivate and reward your customers to take the next appropriate step in your direction through automated, data-driven intelligence.

Digital loyalty cards in the app and wallet

Smartphone applications are enjoying ever-increasing popularity. Thus, mobile devices in combination with mobile customer engagement solutions not only support consumers in their everyday transactions, but also have a significant impact on their shopping behavior.

If you want to reach your customers, you have to know where they are. One thing we know for sure: the future of communication rests in the smartphone!
With the help of loyalty apps, you motivate your customers right where they are.
In the process, simple, endless variants can be integrated for more customer loyalty.

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