High technology research from PRODATA

Award for PRODATA’s high-tech research.

PRODATA receives extensive federal funding for its high-technology research.

PRODATA was extensively equipped with funds from the funding program – Central Innovation Program for Medium-Sized Businesses – after a thorough intensive examination by the Federal Ministry.

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) supports a cooperative project of PRODATA and another partner for the development of an intelligent and real-time database-supported speech recognition system for use in speech applications with several million input variants.

The technical suitability for research and development of prototypes in the field of time-critical, large-volume and fuzzy database methodologies was clearly confirmed, we are particularly pleased about this.

Automatic speech recognition systems will play an increasingly important role in the future due to the growing demand for accessible information systems and other speech applications. Together with its partner, PRODATA wants to address this trend by developing an intelligent speech recognition system for very broad input and dialog capabilities. As a first case study, a fully automated telephone information system with free speech input is implemented.

The main goals of the planned speech recognition system are on the one hand the realization of a natural speech dialog and on the other hand the development of an intelligent data evaluation as well as an intelligent, self-checking result search. It is planned to realize a speech recognition system for the first time worldwide, which will be characterized by a very natural, intuitive interaction between user and system, i.e. the user should not actually notice that he is talking to a machine.