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Through a bonus program, you can easily achieve your marketing and sales goals while your customers collect points

In many industries, digitization is leading to more competitors and thus increased fluctuation rates, as the competition is often just a click away. The purchase frequency decreases because there is no emotional connection to the company.

Many companies try to counter such problems with low prices. But this approach is not sustainable for many companies in the long run.

With the help of a bonus program developed by PRODATA, you will manage to overcome these challenges.

Compared to a reward program, in a bonus program your customer first collects points, for a service used, which are then paid out in the form of rewards or even cash.

In this way, you motivate your customers in a targeted manner and deliberately manipulate behavior. While offering exceptional loyalty rewards to your customers, you also increase loyalty as well as Share Of Wallet.

The marketing strategy goal is to achieve a win-win situation for both players – the participating company markets its offer, interacts with its own customers, while they are rewarded for their loyalty.

Customer satisfaction increases

More turnover

Higher Share of Wallet

Gaining customer data

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Premiums and benefit worlds

  • Exclusive tickets for events

  • High quality jewelry or luxury watches

  • 25,000 rewards to choose from

  • High quality brand tools

  • over 400 different vouchers from Amazon to Zalando

  • up to 10,000 individual travel offers

How can your company successfully implement a bonus program?

We create arguments and incentives for you beyond the price

After jointly developing the concept, we implemented the jointly decided processes in software and systems. They adapt exactly to your needs and specifications.

PRODATA manages to develop a system for you based on modern methods as well as years of experience, which convinces the customer of your product.

Behind customer loyalty is a perfectly coordinated and at the same time thoroughly structured system that is operated.

Motivate your customers to achieve goals: This is the only way to increase the incentive to act as closely as possible to your company, which automatically gives you a competitive advantage.

Let us advise you now without obligation on the subject of the bonus program.

Technical modules and features

The technical framework is flexible and modular, so your program can be perfectly customized, extended and built according to your needs. We work with you to define your leading customer loyalty system, tailored to you, your customer and for maximum impact on the front and back end. Whether interfaces, the connection of third-party software, hundreds of function modules or different language options – you have the choice of implementation, whether web, app, wallet, customer card or hybrid approaches.

Content, benefits, promotions and communication are played out in a way that is precisely tailored and dynamic to the customer profile. In this way, you achieve maximum impact and motivation with each customer, as they are picked up exactly where they are. Thanks to trigger-based engine solutions, for example, you can control all advertising and promotions easily and simply, as well as cross-media. This allows customer communication, marketing and action campaigns to be automatically managed at a personalized customer level. As a full service agency, we are happy to provide you with all services, hotlines and complete customer service. Likewise, texts, graphics and advertising campaigns can be developed and implemented for you.

Maximum motivation for your customers! Reward your customers for their buying behavior with the right smart earn rules. In various bonus campaigns, with sub-target groups, by location, on a specific date, by customer level or couponing or vouchers – you determine the reward and impact mechanisms completely individually! The processes can be controlled and monitored fully automatically thanks to our engine. An unlimited number of rules and levels down to the individual customer level can be represented.

For optimal impact with your customer, we present rewards, services and benefits on all channels, websites, apps and in emails in a rule-based, automatic, attractive and personalized way at the customer level. State-of-the-art reward stores and e-commerce systems manage over 50,000 rewards, hundreds of vouchers, 300 suppliers, and much more. In addition, your own services, benefits and rewards can be controlled arbitrarily and dynamically according to status class, point level or other parameters. Each customer thus sees exactly what motivates them to work more closely and more with you.

As a full-service agency, we will take over your benefits and rewards management completely, right through to payment management. You don’t have to worry about customer support either, we provide complete service from one source!

We can create your flexible and modular customer loyalty framework from over 800 different system modules. This means that they are always future-proof, scalable and open for flexible extensions and adaptation of technology and interfaces as well as third-party software connections.

All interfaces are possible – your new platform can be easily connected to your existing IT thanks to variable interfaces. Whether common API, SAP connection, Salesforce, Siebel or single sign-on, our IT experts will find a way! The system adapts to your infrastructure, so there is minimal implementation effort for you.

Take advantage of customer insights! With the help of our sophisticated customer loyalty programs and the CRM they contain, you can permanently view and change current customer data and create individual reports that you can use to segment your customers or to address sub-target groups with precision. Not only can you save money on your marketing activities, you can also manage your sales activities in a more targeted way.

Thanks to the support of all common interfaces and systems (SAP, ERP, CRM and many more) and the possibility of SSO, the integration of purchase data, customer profiles and interfaces becomes child’s play. We adapt to your infrastructure. Your customers’ sensitive data is not only worth its weight in gold, but also secure!

Motivate and reward your customers to take the next appropriate step in your direction through automated, data-driven intelligence.

The interactions of an intelligent bonus program

The perfect mix of reward and motivation

Benefit from the experience of 30 years and over 1000 successful projects

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