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The cooperation, which had already existed for many years, was successfully expanded by an essential component.


Leifheit relies on consulting and conception for the relaunch of a B2C dialog communication and IT-based communication strategy

Derpart customer loyalty system

Prodata was commissioned by DERPART to design, create and operate its customer loyalty system.


PRODATA was able to prevail in a comparative competition against well-known competitors. PRODATA was clearly superior to its competitors in both qualitative and functional comparisons.


PRODATA was commissioned by Mercedes Benz with the conception, creation and operation of the customer loyalty system.



PRODATA was commissioned by the Bosch Group with the conceptual design, development of the front-end, back-end, web and database systems, operation and further development.


PRODATA was commissioned by the very well-known and widespread tourism group Derpart with the strategy and concept creation for a successful customer loyalty system in the tourism segment.


PRODATA was commissioned by the well-known fashion retailer Hallhuber with the conception, creation and operation of its new customer card system.