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Customer Club Systems


Increase your customer loyalty with a customer club system!


Valuable customers are lost because addresses or telephone numbers have changed.

A customer club is one of the best and most effective, but also one of the most costly measures for maintaining regular customers. Exclusive advantages and a clearly recognizable benefit give your customers the feeling of being taken seriously and thus increase customer loyalty. There is evidence of growing consumer acceptance of customer clubs – but also of rising expectations in terms of processing, benefits and advantages.


As a company, you benefit from important additional information, such as the buying habits or interests of your customers, and can specifically fulfill your customers’ wishes. The loyalty of your customers to the company increases and boosts sales and profits.


PRODATA offers you the full service around the customer club. We create strategic action plans for the development and introduction of your customer club and design the service program together with our partner network. We also have the technical infrastructure,

to completely map the necessary database and to track complete workflow processes.


Customer Club


  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Gaining information about buying habits and interests of your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase in sales and profit
  • Get to know your customers better
  • Precisely address your customer needs






Our approach to creating a customer club system:

Preliminary talk ? Consulting ? Strategy and concept ? Realization ? Reporting and further development.


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