Address data cleansing and correction

A wrong customer address or spelling mistakes can quickly make a company look unprofessional. In addition, a small spelling mistake in the mailing will result in a mailing not being delivered or a duplicate being created. If the customer address and telephone number also change, very valuable data is lost for a company.

Accordingly, professional database maintenance is a very important factor for any company, because it can determine success or failure.

PRODATA offers you all essential address modules for optimal address quality, both for private addresses and company addresses. It does not matter whether it is for Germany, Austria, Switzerland or one of the other essential industrialized countries worldwide.

Our cleansing of your data will increase your response rates and minimize your returns. You also benefit from an individual customer approach without unpleasant mistakes.

PRODATA offers you all service modules for address maintenance from a single source, with low processing time and in the highest quality.


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    the postal online tests
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Your requirements

  • Professional cleansing of your data according to your specifications - fast, perfect and cost-effective

  • Individual customer approach without address errors or duplicates and undeliverables

  • Perfect address quality with high deliverability rate

  • All IT services from a single source

Your advantages

  • Cleaned and duplicate-free customer databases

  • Higher response rates and fewer returns

  • Minimize wastage and reduce costs

  • Perfect data for correct analyses and selections

  • Enrichment with many additional features

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