Address and data maintenance services

Address and data maintenance


High-quality addresses increase your response rates.


Valuable customers are lost because addresses or telephone numbers have changed.

Small spelling mistakes result in a mailing not being delivered or a duplicate being created.

Keeping a customer data thank consistently in good quality requires data maintenance.


By regularly maintaining your customer data, you can reduce returns and avoid multiple calls. You ensure that your message is received as intended and reduce costs at the same time.

With sophisticated data maintenance, you demonstrably increase the chances of success of your direct marketing measures.


PRODATA offers you a variety of data maintenance options to keep your data up to date. Depending on your needs, we use state-of-the-art standard software or develop individual processes for your database. For more than 23 years, we have been providing our customers throughout Europe with effective services to enhance their address quality. You too can benefit from our expertise and experience.



Procedure for data maintenance


  • Individual customer approach
  • Higher response rates and fewer returns
  • Correct and duplicate-free customer databases



  • Postal correction
  • Duplicate matching
  • Salutation generation
  • Robinson match
  • Death file matching
  • Relocation address match
  • Address research
  • Uvm.




Our approach to maintaining your data:


Preliminary talk ? Consulting ? Database analysis ? Data maintenance ? Delivery of data in your desired format


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