E-commerce and web portals

We help you achieve your goals.
Together we develop a communication strategy of the e-commerce system and on the basis of this we create a tailor-made concept. We define the goals and the way to reach you, e.g. reach building, product sales, customer generation or customer retention and which functionalities,
z. e.g. store detail solutions the system should have.

Proposals for design, editorial content, information architecture and content management system implementation are developed and solutions for technical implementation are presented.

What do you want to achieve?

Your objective

  • Successful systems for your e-commerce ideas

  • Construction of an internet portal or webshop

  • Optimization of interfaces to your existing marketing and sales systems

  • Further development and optimization of your store

  • Increase sales via the Internet

  • 360° degree view in your customer database

Four steps to success on the Internet

Level 1

Strategy & Concept

During the web conception, the placement of the portal in the market environment and the resulting marketing statements of the portal are defined. This is followed by the elaboration of unique selling points and the top features of the new Internet presence. From this, the information design is developed:

  • Where does it say what on a website?
  • the navigation design
  • How are the websites linked to each other?

Based on the concept, we will be happy to create a design for you. This initially includes the implementation of the corporate web design. According to your design, we create the most important page types of your future Internet presence in a (new) graphical guise. The focus is always on a high degree of usability of the site for the end customer and a good feasibility of the design in programming.

Level 2


Once the conceptual and organizational requirements have been defined by a specification for your system, our experienced web designers and IT experts implement the content.

For this purpose, the most modern information and communication technologies are available as well as a powerful server architecture with individually programmed databases, content management and e-commerce systems.

Of course, we will always keep you informed about the current status of the programming. With the help of our modern content management system we are able to create complex web portals within a short time.

Level 3


After completion and a thorough testing phase, the system will be placed on the Internet. If desired, we will continue to support the e-commerce system and take over the maintenance, care and backup of the programs and servers. You concentrate on your core business and are happy to leave the updating of content and editorial content to us, in addition to technology and process optimization.

Level 4

Reporting and further development

Your website is in good hands on our fail-safe server park. Hardware load balancing allows us to guarantee maximum reliability in terms of web hosting.

Furthermore, upon request, we install measurement systems that measure the success of your website. Based on the insights gained from this, we work with you to develop suitable measures for increasing traffic and optimizing conversion.

A permanent measurement and control circuit is installed in the operation of your Internet portal. This data is regularly analyzed on demand and used to refine your portal. A constant optimization of the contents, the design and the user usability takes place after consultation.

The portal’s user data can be used to generate meaningful statistics and key figures tailored to your interests, such as visits, page impressions or clickstream analyses.

These help to adapt your portal to the current needs and behavioral patterns of your customers, ensuring an optimal sales process.

We are also experienced in the planning and implementation of SEM, SEO and affiliate marketing campaigns. Of course, we are also available to help you adapt or modify the portal if, for example, changes occur in the corporate communication process.

Trust in the experience of 29 years and over 1000 successful projects.

Look forward to innovative ideas and their first-class implementation. You are in the best of company with PRODATA. Get off to a successful start with us!

We can proudly look back on a large number of successful projects.

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