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Data enrichment


Get to know your customers better with customer data enrichment


PRODATA enables enrichment of your customer data with information on individuals as well as companies.

First, the quality of your customer data is checked for correctness, plausibility and completeness by means of an as-is inventory and, if necessary, cleaned up, e.g. by means of a postal correction or a duplicate check. Then we enrich your customer database with the desired characteristics. We select the most suitable features for you from several hundred data sources worldwide. These can be, for example:


  • Communicative features: Telephone and fax number, cell phone, WWW or eMail address, etc.
  • Demographic characteristics: Age, family type/household structure, income, and more.
  • Geographic features: Municipality and town size key, Nielsen areas, residential environment, and more.
  • Behavioral characteristics: Lifestyle, purchasing power, consumer habits, mail-order propensity, and more.
  • Other features: Credit score information, vehicle owner information, education level, and more.
  • Matching: death file, address search, existence check, relocation address matching, and much more.
  • Company addresses: Turnover, number of employees, contact persons, industry codes, correct company name, and much more.
  • many other features – please request desired information


For this purpose, PRODATA uses various professional enrichment and matching methods.

We achieve optimal data quality through highly differentiated search routines with multi-level phonetic matching.

After enriching your customer data, we check your database for completeness and accuracy. We then create documentation of the entire project so that you can fully understand the individual steps.


The enrichment with additional information from PRODATA offers you the following advantages:

  • Extensive reference databases
  • All required software modules
  • Integrated services
  • Competence and know-how
  • Individual support


Processing time / options

The processing time is usually 24 to 48 hours. All services can be offered mechanically or semi-manually for the highest quality. In this step, additional information not listed above can also be determined via desktop search.

Your data is in safe hands with PRODATA!

Here you will find extensive information about the very important focus for PRODATA

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