Address maintenance and data cleansing

Nowadays, hundreds of pieces of information are pelting your company every day. However, in order to be able to use this data in a meaningful way, professional handling is required.

Valuable customer data is lost because addresses or telephone numbers have changed. Small spelling mistakes will result in a mailing not being delivered or a duplicate being created.

Keeping a customer database consistently in good quality requires some effort.
After all, impeccable address maintenance is a key success factor for any company.

What do you want to achieve?

  • safe arrival of your message

  • Data up to date

  • Avoiding returns and multiple requests


By regularly maintaining your customer data, you can reduce returns and avoid multiple calls. You’ll make sure your message gets across as intended and also cut costs at the same time.

With well-maintained addresses, you noticeably increase the chances of success of your sales and direct marketing measures.

PRODATA offers you a variety of possibilities to maintain and update your customer database. Depending on your needs, we use state-of-the-art standard software or develop individual maintenance processes for your database.

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Three steps to success

Level 1

Consulting and analysis of your customer data

First, an inventory of the quality of your customer data is necessary. The contents are checked for correctness, plausibility and completeness.

We show you where the weak points of your database are and what options there are to clean up your data.

Level 2

Customer data maintenance

PRODATA provides you with about 50 maintenance modules to maintain your addresses.
Optionally, as a second step, we also offer the possibility to conduct manual research and telephone interviews for unusual or very important detailed information for you.

You have the choice how to use the modules:

  • as service
  • as an automated web service
  • or via XML single query for real time and online testing

Level 3

Documentation and delivery

We will provide you with documentation of the entire project so that you can trace the individual care steps without any gaps. In which data set was what changed and updated.

The data is delivered in your desired format for smooth import into your systems.

Our service modules

  • Postal correction: postal code, street and city
  • Duplicate matching
  • Salutation generation
  • Field separation and field correction
  • Standardization of fields e.g. telephone
  • Correction of upper and lower case, umlauts
  • Elimination of spaces, wildcards or special characters
  • First name check
  • Existence check
  • Undeliverable alignment
  • Nixi/Negative Match
  • Creditworthiness query – Risk index query
  • Splitting consumer and business addresses
  • Robinson match
  • Iban/Swift – bank routing data check
  • Death file matching
  • Relocation address match
  • Address research
  • Returns tracking
  • Company spelling correction
  • Age group analysis (stat. analysis based on first names)
  • Pass year of birth
  • Check telephone line/reachability
  • Telephone numbers / fax numbers research
  • You can find the complete overview of all modules

Trust in the experience of 29 years and over 1000 successful projects.

Look forward to innovative ideas and their first-class implementation. You are in the best of company with PRODATA. Get off to a successful start with us!

We can proudly look back on a large number of successful projects.

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