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Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and your turnover through customer retention.

More than 50 percent of all customer loyalty systems and programs on the market either fail or do not achieve their economic goals. An individual conception forms the foundation for a successful program. The decisive success factor for a functioning system is the consideration of the respective situation of the customers and the company.

With exclusive advantages and a clearly recognizable additional benefit, you create arguments and motivation beyond the price. Suddenly the price/performance ratio becomes only one of several factors for a purchase.

If you manage to motivate the customer and change his behaviour, his chain of purchase arguments in your desired direction, you have won him permanently.

PRODATA will be happy to assist you with a proven methodology. We will guide you safely through all questions and decisions and thus design a successful and individually tailored customer loyalty concept for you and your customers.

From hundreds of possible types of benefits, thousands of products and tens of different benefit and manipulation methodologies, we will find the right way to your customer loyalty system for you. Our goal is to harmonize your economic success and the attractiveness for your customers.

Customer loyalty aims to control and manipulate behaviour and buying patterns by means of rewards.

What do you want to achieve?

Possible goals for your customer loyalty program

  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Increase in turnover

  • Retaining existing customers

  • win back customers

  • Increase customer shopping cart value

  • Increase buying frequency

  • Data acquisition about your customers

  • Intensification of loyalty to your company

  • Extend Customer Life Cycle

  • more turnover/revenue per customer

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PRODATA accompanies you methodically experienced through the processes and takes over all essential tasks as well as the setup and operation of all systems and processes in your interest. The steps to successful customer retention are as follows:

At the beginning, we work together to develop a holistic strategy, taking this into account, a concept for a customer loyalty system is then created. It is determined which goals are to be achieved, e.g. customer loyalty, increase in sales, increase in frequency, exclusive product sales, increase in turnover or increase in customer satisfaction.

Based on this, the advantage elements and services of the customer loyalty system are determined. The same applies to the target groups or sub-target groups.

The aim of the conception is to successfully combine your and the customer’s wishes within a concept. Based on these goals and requirements, we plan your customer loyalty system professionally in every detail. The result is a finished concept template that contains all strategic, operational, communicative and technical as well as the essential economic facts.

Once the conceptual specifications for your customer loyalty system have been defined (either by you as your own contribution or by PRODATA), our experienced project managers and technicians will implement the contents for you. We take over the complete handling and setup of all systems, websites, processes and databases as well as the coordination with third parties.

For the administration of the necessary data and programs, we have access to the latest information and communication technologies as well as a high-performance server architecture with individually programmed applications, mobile apps and databases. This enables us to present all technical requirements as well as data and customer processes securely and technically flawlessly. Due to our modular development method, we can quickly and cost-effectively implement the desired IT processes according to your individual requirements.

PRODATA takes over the complete operation including all technical and communicative services, which are necessary for a lively customer loyalty system.

We regularly compile detailed statistics on your customers and individual activities. Our controlling also records the efficiency and quality of the various activities in the club. So you can be sure to always be on course. Of course, we will also assist you in the optimisation and further development of your customer loyalty system.

Trust in the experience of 30 years and over 1000 successful projects.

You can look forward to innovative ideas and their first-class implementation. You are in the best of hands at PRODATA. Get off to a successful start with us!

We can proudly look back on a multitude of successful projects.

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