• with system.

    innovative systems and strong IT for marketing and sales.

  • Software und Systems.

    implementation of marketing, sales and e-commerce systems.

  • Not a cent too much.

    customized software for your project .

  • IT data processes.

    front, middleware and backend processes to perfection.

hosting and operation of systems, software and data bases

your aims

  • A powerful data processing center with a modern security architecture

  • Outsourcing of your systems, processes and hard-/software

  • Managed outsourcing – Full service package for the maximum of security and service for your applications

  • Running supervision of all Processes

  • Continuous updates of all patches and new versions

  • Running security und disaster recovery measures

  • Individual arranged service and performance level

  • Scalability of the systems can be assured

  • Staff savings

  • Reduction of time, risk and costs

PRODATA has the solution!

In agreement with your process requests the hard-and software, the operation systems, the standardized and individualized applications are hosted and operated in the discussed and planned system environment

The support is available for you by all means. By request we gladly will take the development of your applications and e-commerce systems over.

PRODATA supports you from the consulting to the conception and realization of your managed outsourcing systems. With the continuous maintenance of your processes, we create the optimal basis for a successful and reliable operation. Additionally to that the other IT – services of PRODATA makes your intention perfect.

You would like to outsource your systems und data bases with the belonging hard-/ software and services?

We can manage and hold your valuable data on your behalf, ensuring all data protection regulations are met. We have state-of-the-art information and communication technology, as well as a high and-performance server architecture. Our highly skilled IT-professionals of different areas implement your ideas.

System hosting- our specialty!

Profit from our know-how.

  • powerful data center to suit your needs

  • savings through outsourcing own resources and costs

  • optimal system and data management with the highest safety

  • smooth access to systems and data through various interfaces

Trust on the experience of 29 years and over 1.000 successful projects

Look forward to innovative ideas and their implementation class. Your are in good company at PRODATA. Start with us successfully!

Proudly we can look back on a variety of successful projects.

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