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customer loyalty programs – conception, software & fullservice

bonussystem, customer club, loyalty card, VIP-clubs, rewards store

What do you want to achiev?

possible goals for your customer loyalty program

  • increased customer loyalty

  • sales increase

  • keeping the existing customers

  • customers recover

  • increase basket value of customers

  • increase customer satisfaction

  • increase purchase frequency

  • data collection on your customers

  • intensification of loyalty to your company

  • extend customers life cycle

  • more turnover/revenue per customer

  • and much more

What makes a customer loyalty program so successful?

How about if your customers would voluntarily provide more sales and a higher purchase frequency and thus increase loyalty to your products and services?

In addition your customers relinquish their habits, interests and optins and you can still advertise better and more efficiently.
This and much more can afford modern customer loyalty systems and customer loyalty programs.

A few selected facts and figures about customer loyalty programs

  • it is 7-10 times more effective to bind existing customers tahn acquire new customers
  • more than 50 % of all customer loyalty systems do not conform the economic goals
  • the successful customer loyalty programs can produce a lift in sales of 15-45 % in the participating audience
  • about 40-60 % of all potential customers take up to the customer loyalty system part

The (known) problem – and the solution

Surely you know the problem of your daily work: the price plays more and more an important role and other arguments lose in importance. The loyalty to your products and services and especially your brand fades.

The customers inform theirselfs form purchase to purchase again and again. The competition from the internet and the price comparison makes the battle for customers more difficult. How coul we break out of this partly downward spiral and bind the customers permanently? The solution are the different varieties of customer loyalty systems.

conclusion: if a customer loyalty system is successful, it can be very heavily contribute to the economic objectives of your company.

How can your company introduce a loyalty program successfully?

create arguments and incentives than the price itself

With exclusive benefits and a clearly identifiable added value you provide arguments and motivation beyond the price. Suddenly the price / performance relationship is only to a number of factors for a purchase.

If you manage to attract customers and their behaviour to modify its purchase of reasoning in your desired direction, you have won him permanently.

The marketing strategic goal is to achieve a win-win situation in which the customer itself recognizes clear advantages over the usual price / performance relationship – or more clearly – why it pays to be more and permanently connected to your company.

In this way you can increase the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers and your sales.

How to achieve the goal of customer loyalty

More than 50 % of all on the market (customer) loyalty programs flop or do not achieve the economic goals. Some sort of standard scope of services or internally free to set up as a customer loyalty program, is a sure way to failure, as many studies and flops show on the market. The professional design of a successful loyalty strategy is one of the most important factors for your success.

PRODATA takes your hand and will help you with a proven methodology. We will guide you safely through all the issues and decisions and design a successful and individually tailored customer loyalty concept for your company.

How we do that? – First, a concept for your customer loyalty system is worked out together. We run based on ap. 400 questions to your final goal: to motivate and guide your customers and find out which communication, technology, economy and controlling we need.

From hundreds of potential benefit types, thousands of products and tens of different benefit- and manipulation methodologies, we select the best four you and your customer benefits. Aiming for your customers to achieve maximum traction and appeal and for that it still expects good. Our goal is to optimize your advantages – creativity beats money.

The individual elements and services are professionally planned in detail and recorded in a final decision memo. The result is a concept that includes the strategy and technical implementation as well as the economy and is used as a template for enabling the implementation.

As a next step we build on all systems, interfaces, logistics, campaigns and communication tools for you. After an extensive test your new customer loyalty program will be launched and successfully introduced to the market in accordance with communication concept. Besides all the daily chores and jobs we like to take with you the cyclical control of the target parameters. Continuous development and optimization ensures the long-term success.

We will advise you in a free conversation about the key points for your loyalty program. Speaking about tips and tricks as well as limits of the possible and whether a customer loyalty program makes sense for your business and how it expects in detail.

On request, we´ll show you our methodology for successful design of your customer loyalty system. Equally we create a first non-binding offer to you.

In three steps to success

The construction and operation of a customer loyalty system passes through three phases:

  • the conception
  • the building
  • and the operational phase incl. ongoing optimization.

PRODATA attend you experienced through all the processes and takes all essential tasks as well as the structure and service for all systems and processes in your favor. Steps to a successful customer loyalty are as follows:

step 1

strategy & conception

At the beginning we will develop a holistic strategy together. With these principles we will create a design for a customer loyalty system. It defindes the objectives to be achieved eg. as customer loyalty, increase sales, increase in frequency, exclusive product sales, increasing sales or improving customer satisfaction.

Based on that the advantage of the elements and benefits of customer loyalty system will be established. Similarly the target groups or the partial target groups.

The aim of the concept is to connect your and the wishes of the customer within a concept successfully. Based on these objectives and requirements we plan your customer loyalty system professional to the last detail. The result is a ready concept template contains all the strategic, operational, communicative and technical as well as the essential economic facts.

step 2


If the conceptual specifications are set for your customer loyalty system (either by you as your own or through PRODATA), our experienced project managers and technicians will implement the content. We take over the entire process and the construction of all systems, sites, processes and databases as well as coordination with (if necessary) third partners.

To manage the necessary data and programs we use our most advanced information and communication technologies available and a powerful server architecture with individually programmed applications, mobile apps and databases. So we can represent safe and technically correct all technical requirements as well as data and customer processes. Our modular development allows us to implement the required IT processes fast and cheap – appropriate to your individual needs.

step 3

operation, reporting and development

PRODATA takes at your request the complete operation incl. all technical and communication services, which are incurred for a live customer loyalty system.

We regularly create detailed statistics about your customers and the individual activities. Our controlling also recognized the efficiency and quality of the various activities in the club. So you can always make sure to be on track. Of course we are also in the optimization and further development of your customer loyalty system aside.

Trust on the experience of 29 years and over 1.000 successful projects

Look forward to innovative ideas and their implementation class. Your are in good company at PRODATA. Start with us successfully!

Proudly we can look back on a variety of successful projects.

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