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telephone number research

your aims

  • Current telephone numbers of your customers

  • Cost-saving and fast

  • Increase of data quality

  • Possibility of automated comparisons at any time

  • Adaption of search routine to your individual needs

  • A high rate of research

  • International research

PRODATA has the solution!

Do you want to optimize your telemarketing actions? Do you want to save costs with the use of right telephone numbers? Your aim is to update and to complete your telephone numbers?
Then you’re right here!

We offer the service of telephone number research since more then 20 years. During that time, our comparison methods were improved constantly. In consequent of this, our hit rate is much high than the rate of the competitors. You can assume that the hit rate is circa 75% .

Further advantages of PRODATA are the maintenance and the extensiveness of our data base. Every day we get the queries of the electronical/directory assistance customers and new entries in phone books.

  • Extensive and constantly updated reference databases worldwide

  • Professional browsers with multistage phonetic alignments

  • Efficient and cost telephone campaign

possibilities of telephone number researches in detail

possibility 1

online interface

Automated process to enhance an address with a telephone number

Integration in already existing programs and applications e.g. websites or call center software

possibility 2

data service

Professional and experienced employees conduct the researches

Individual possibility to complement address data bases with telephone numbers

Different formats can be processed

A prepared qualification of the addresses is possible

possibility 3

automated services


Is automated through the total standardization of the file formats

Fast research all the time

Especially cost-saving

Upload of the files over FTP, integration in already existing processes is possible

b) webportal-upload

Is automated through the total standardization of the file formats

Fast research all the time

Especially cost-saving

Manual upload of the files over a web portal

  • quality

    Additionally, PRODATA uses several professional instruments for enhancement and comparison.
    We reach an optimal data quality thanks to highly sophisticated search routines with multi-level phonetic comparisons.
    After the enhancement of your customer data, we check your database for completeness and accuracy. Following this, we generate a documentation of the whole project so you can consistently reconstruct the individual steps without any gaps.

  • cost-effective subscriptions

    We offer cost-effective subscriptions for regular data enhancement, for example weekly amendment of phone numbers for call centers.

  • Your data is safe in the hands of PRODATA !

    Your data is in good hands , PRODATA is regarded as a clearing house in the market. PRODATA is a member of the DDV where he has left a DDV Privacy Policy. Your order will be regulated by a concluded §11 treaty to order data processing , which includes all the necessary data protection measures.

    Here you will find extensive information about the very important PRODATA focus handling and protecting your data – data protection.

Trust on the experience of 25 years and over 1.000 successful projects

Look forward to innovative ideas and their implementation class. Your are in good company at PRODATA. Start with us successfully!

Proudly we can look back on a variety of successful projects.

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