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invoice scanning

your aims

  • fast recording and handling of invoices and attachments

  • high cost savings by reduced manual effort

  • faster handling of payments amongst utilization of more favorable conditions

PRODATA has the solution!

PRODATA offers the possibility to flexibly adjust the automated handling of incoming invoices to your business processes.

Either you redirect your invoices to a mailbox at our location or our employees scan the invoices with our technique in your company. Already existing or planned systems for in-box automation can be added via flexible interfaces.

By using OCR, all the data that is relevant for booking, e.g. vendor data, date and number of invoice, amounts etc., can be read out.

Vendors are (as long as captured in the ERP-system) automaticially regocnized by 90%, as well as all basic information of the invoice. When stockkeeping units have an order reference in the ERP-system, we can also reach 90% automating. Should some fields require correction, our qualified capture personnell can manually intervene into the validation process.

After complete compilation of the invoice data it is imported into your ERP-system. Optionally, we can tie down a workflow-template to enable the invoices and allow extented analysis.

more information: www.prodata-doku.de

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