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data capture

PRODATA business: data collection

Do you have to capture a lot of data?

PRODATA, your specialist for data management services, takes the time-consuming capture of every description flexibly and reliably over.

No matter if receipts, coupons, maps, forms, invoices, delivery notes, audio, text, e-mail, and more – PRODATA captures and processes reliably, accurately and cost-effectively.

Incoming documents are opened in our intelligent rule-based inbox, sorted, processed and prepared for further processing. Then they are scanned by our high-performance scanners and captured by OCR-based recognition software or manually by our trained employees.

With the ability to deposit reference data directly by capture, we provide a uniquely high quality. This guarantees e.g. a postal check during the entry. Also international campaigns can be realized in high quality due to the deposition of postal codes from over 200 countries in the data base. Individual customer requirements and rules are integrated into the intelligent workflow.

Trust in a reliable data capture with the highest data protection!

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  • powerful concepts

  • reliable and with low costs

  • customization

data protection

For questions about the security of your data, please read here.

Trust on the experience of 25 years and over 1.000 successful projects

Look forward to innovative ideas and their implementation class. Your are in good company at PRODATA. Start with us successfully!

Proudly we can look back on a variety of successful projects.

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