E-commerce and webportals

Web portals are increasingly becoming the most important touchpoint between supplier and customer. Online trade is also booming and users are demanding new e-commerce solutions.

Web portals contain information from various sources, which are bundled and categorized on the platform. The portals are developed individually to meet the requirements of the customers and contain a variety of functions with high enterprise value.

We work together to develop an e-commerce process that meets your needs and goals. Let us advise you on how you can implement your projects efficiently.

What you do want to achieve ?

  • Latest systems for your e-commerce processes

  • Assembling of an internet portal or of a web shop

  • Optimization of interfaces to your existing marketing and sale methods

  • Further development and optimization of your web shop

  • Increase of sales volume via internet

  • Know-how and market survey, goal-orientated and competently used

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PRODATA has the solution!

1. Strategy

At the beginning we will develop a communication strategy of the portal. In consideration of this we will create a portal design.

It is determined which aims should be achieved for example: product sales, customer generation, customer retention and which functionalities such as Store detailed solutions the portal should offer.

We will develop proposals for the design, the editorial content, the information architecture and the implementation of content management systems and will represent you the technical solutions to that.

2. Conception

During the web-conception, the placement in the market environment and the resultant marketing conclusions of the portal will be defined. It follows the development of unique features and top features of the new website. Out of it the new information design and the navigation design are developed. Those give you answers to the following questions:
– Where can you find what on website?
– How are the web sites connected with each other?

We will respond to your existing systems while the conception. Without difficulty, interfaces can be devised. We use latest technology for that.

3. Graphical development and design

We create a design for you that is based on the conception. During the development, we are able to consider your already existing cooperate web design. We construct the important pages of your future web site. The availability for the user and a good feasibility of the design in the programming are in focus.

We support you in all e-commerce questions and find for example the perfect marketing strategy together to make your webshop more interesting.

Additionally to that we also offer you the development, the operation/hosting and the enhancements of your e-commerce processes from one source.

Your benefits

  • Most modern systems and efficient processes for your ecommerce

  • Expertise and long-standing know -how

  • Design and implementation from a single source

Trust in the experience of 29 years and over 1000 successful projects.

You can look forward to innovative ideas and their first-class implementation. You are in the best of hands at PRODATA. Get off to a successful start with us!

We can proudly look back on a multitude of successful projects.

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