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Data Quality Management / Data-Hub / Data Governance

Finish the heterogeneity of your customer information!

PRODATA leads you to the perfect customer data base in four steps. Come to know what defective data quality in particular process levels costs everyday and how easy it is to correct it.

What you want to achieve?

your aim

  • Non-redundant storage of customer information

  • Lasting raise of your data quality

  • Holistic data quality management

  • Professional customer care on the basis of a current data base

  • Smoothly access to non- standardized data of all interfaces

  • Prevention of loss in revenue due to inexact customer information

PRODATA has the solution!

The four steps model of PRODATA will help you to get a holistic qualitative data management

step 1

Definition of a data quality strategy

We analyze your data base and define a target state together. The aim is to get an economical optimum for all involved interfaces.

We construct you a requirement specification (handbook) with all important details.

step 2

clearing up of the data base

All existent customer data according to the previously defined criteria will be analyzed, verified and corrected. By request the data can also be enhanched. The current data base will get a new and better data standard.

This process can contain for example the following services:

  • Removal of doublets
  • Correction of address fields
  • Correction of upper and lower case, umlauts
  • Movement and mortality reconciliation
  • Enrichments (phone number, fax number,branch, and much more)
  • Postal correction
  • And much more else

step 3

Coverage of all leading data sources

Due to the coverage of the new data base standard, all leading interfaces (Callcenter, marketing, sales department, accounting department, ERP, etc.) will be lifted to the new data base standard. Different functions will be assembled for example plausibility check-up ,references, scaling and reconciliation). A “contamination” with information that does not fit in the target state will be avoided. If the normed data is qualitative inadequate, it will be repudiated or qualified.

In this phase it is decided whether the systemic conversion will be on an own data hub or whether the particular systems/interfaces will be integrated fractional.

step 4

Continuous quality controls

Those act as an early-warning system and are used to safeguard a consecutive optimized data quality. A contingent readjust of the data accrual is possible in time in order to keep the desired data standard.

Trust on the experience of 29 years and over 1.000 successful projects

Look forward to innovative ideas and their implementation class. Your are in good company at PRODATA. Start with us successfully!

Proudly we can look back on a variety of successful projects.

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